September 30, 2023
Five easy steps to instantly gain control and change negative thought patterns into positive ones. Make this simple program your new habit!

The technique for stopping negative thoughts that can assist you in achieving this objective can be summed up in the FIVE R’s. Each word in this sequential process prepares the mind for the following step. For learning to stop negative or counterproductive ideas to be successful, this thinking process must be applied consistently and with intensity.


Counterproductive and self-destructive thinking may be identified and controlled by consciously raising your awareness and attentiveness towards negative thinking. In order to stop negative thoughts before they have a chance to completely form and firmly take hold of your conscious mind, you must always be “on watch” to spot the earliest indications of them.


By taking a specific, positive action (such as seeing a STOP sign in your mind’s eye, snapping a rubber band across your wrist each time you have a negative thought, etc.), you may refuse to allow the negative idea to persist and get stronger. To stop the negative picture or concept from strengthening, you must take action to disperse it. By doing so, you start the process of getting your thoughts to change from the negative ones.


Use any of the methods that can help you relax, such as taking a deep, controlled breath or using a verbal cue to direct your attention to a calming image. The strength of mental programming is greater when you are calm, and you are also increasing the likelihood that the following step in this five-part process will be successful.


The fourth phase in the technique for stopping negative thoughts is to fully refocus your mind on ideas and pictures that are congruent with your best work. Change the negative thinking to a more uplifting one. “I CHOOSE to respond and think the way I WANT to. I AM in control of my ideas and actions.” I know I can do it again because I’ve been here and done it before. “This is a step in the method I have selected,” To “see” and “feel” the performance you want to deliver and the way you want to BE as you do it, use imagery. Make yourself your own unique A.C.T. model.


Carry on with your tasks in a self-assured and in command manner. If you combine this attitude with a personal vow to never provide anything less than your very best effort, no matter the circumstance or result, you will always have a strong sense of confidence. You have complete control over how much effort you put into the continuing obstacles you confront; it’s one of the few things that is, in reality, entirely under your control. Develop your confidence by consistently putting in your best effort to achieve your goals and by reflecting on your best performances and goals. Act in speech, thought, and behavior like a champion.

Use these Five R’s the next time you sense negative ideas creeping in to successfully alter your thought processes and create significant changes in your life. Make using this straightforward application a habit!