Getting Beyond the Negative Thoughts

The Law of Attraction states that anything you focus your attention on comes to pass. Why then do the unfavorable ideas seem to slink in and try to undermine all you have been thinking favorably about? How can you prevent this from happening? Why would your unfavorable thoughts even attempt to disrupt you? Worrying is similar to little seeds of prayers and thoughts that are begging for what you don’t want, according to a once-quoted statement.

Here are some suggestions for getting over any unfavorable thoughts you might be having.

Consider the negative ideas rather than “buying into” them:

It might be challenging to stop a bad notion before it even forms in your head. You can be taking in the day when all of a sudden, a worry-inducing negative notion pops into your head. When a bad idea enters your head, try to stop it. Then, for a few minute, sit back and consider your own rational thought process and the reason for that specific thought. Find the source of the problem. Are you only worried because you can? Are there any upcoming events that you’re hoping to avoid? Discover the source of the negative idea and simply observe rather than taking involved. Is the negative idea a result of your own insecurity or worry? Whatever the cause, simply be aware of the negative idea and look deeper into yourself. Are you worried about the negative thought? Is there a likelihood that the worrying circumstance may truly occur “for real”? Find the core of the idea and dissect it. Don’t let your negative ideas drive you to frustration. Everyone has them. The determining factor is how we respond to them. Be observant and avoid believing whatever you may be saying about anyone, even yourself. Turn a negative situation into a favorable one. Recognize the idea as it arises and change it entirely or partially. If you make the effort to notice yourself when you are thinking negatively, you can break the pattern and figure out what the idea is truly about.

Every bad idea and emotion acts like a boomerang.

Keep in mind that any persistent idea or emotion you have will ultimately manifest. Each and every bad thought and emotion is a boomerang that will ultimately return full circle. Remember this the next time you persuade yourself that your selfish behaviors aren’t harming anyone. They harm you and produce more of the same. In contrast, if you start thinking badly and then start to think positively, a boomerang will come back at you, and you’ll be glad to catch it.

Moving Away from

Humanity includes contrast. How monotonous would it be if we all shared the same interests? What kind of learning would that encounter provide? Every aspect of life has an opposite, and this is part of what it is to be human.

Recognize that you may have just as many bad ideas as you can enjoy many happy ones. Put up the effort necessary to alter. Recognize your own bad tendencies, then change your perspective to look for the good in every situation in your life. Using the Law of Attraction, your reality will start to reflect more positive things as you start to make it a practice to look for the bright side of everything.

Changing the negative perceptions

Simply getting rid of the unpleasant aspects of your life will not enough. It’s crucial to transform the bad into a positive. Your rational mind needs something to fill the gap left when the negative patterns are disrupted and it begins to comprehend and change. The mind will immediately return to its previous location—the negative zone—if the negative pattern is not replaced. Watch your own thinking patterns throughout the day to see where your attention tends to gravitate toward the negative. When you get a chance, write down the opposite of that negative after you’ve written the first one down. Replace it with the fresh, self-made positive whenever it arises during the day.

When you are able to suppress the most of the occasionally nagging negative ideas, you will discover that life will start to go in your favor. Observe that we mentioned most… We’re all just people, you know!